Ground Rules

I thought a lot (about 1o minutes which is a lot given current fatigue and attention span) before I started writing, on where I should draw lines, on whether I should draw lines at all.  There is no point drawing lines if this is to be the cathartic exercise it is meant to be.  Else I could also have put it one blog and saved the hassle of having two blogs. The DH will see it sooner or later (definitely before anyone else) and yes it is a lot of DH-bashing is the case between the blogger and the blogged. Always. So he’ll have to square with it. Much as he thinks he’s getting the raw deal here (as per him, I got at least 40 percent of what I wanted..some funny math).

Of course, the other rule being the same as for the other blog. No re-reading nothing. More so here coz God knows if I’ll even open it up ever.

Ground Rules

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