Citizenship matters

The next person who says ‘Ha, so you’re getting him American citizenship’ gets one tight slap. For one, I’m not getting anyone any citizenship. I didn’t board a plane when I was 7 months pregnant to cross a couple of oceans and come and pop a baby out in this purported land of opportunities. Although, to people who do them their own. There was a point of time when I had pretty strong views on the topic, that I’d make my kid an Indian citizen no matter what. That I’d fly back or whatever. But right now, anyone who has any clue of the goings on in my life know I have bigger things to worry about:

– Like whether the kid’s dad will renounce him/hate him/be indifferent..whatever. And I don’t think I’d help that cause by making him miss the birth and the initial months

– Like finishing grad school when the baby is due while I’m still in the Fall semester. Because, and I’ve said this on my other blog enough number of times, that is the one justification I go back to for everything that I miss in terms of my life in India. It has been  8 months or so, but I still haven’t found anything else to counter my anguish for giving up what according to me – and all things considered – was a better life back home.

And in this bigger scheme of things, the citizenship can take a hike..really. If it were as simple as checking a form somewhere and saying my kid would be Indian citizen no matter where he/she is born I’d do that without blinking an eye. Unfortunately it is not. And I’m really rooting for the US to introduce whatever law that denies citizenship by birth so people like me don’t have to waste breath over justifying our lives to people who don’t understand. And here’s what I think: if we had decided to settle in the US and wanted to I would very much want citizenship for the kid. Obviously it would make so many things much simpler for the kid. That not being the case, we shall have to see. Like when we go back to India. Or earlier. My point is, it isn’t the biggest thing on my mind now. But yes, I’m pretty easily angered by remarks – whether thoughtless or deliberate – in that direction.


Citizenship matters

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