I guess every mother feels a sense of entitlement about the kid. I’m not sure that’s the right word but it is the sentiment behind oft-repeated lines that go ‘pathu maasam chumannu petta..’ (roughly translated (for who’s sake? LOL :D..and isn’t this becoming a bit like LISP) : for having carried you for 10 months and delivered you..) I often feel I’m entitled to whatever the average mom gets and some more, of property rights over the baby. Given how much of a struggle (emotional, not physical) it is everyday to keep it. Of course, my chief competition is all too glad to relinquish any right (and responsibility) whatsoever. But I’m worried I’ll end up being one of those possessive high-maintenance moms. Fussy about every damn thing.

I’m already showing signs..like I won’t let any one else pick the name for instance. The whole world knows what it is going to be if it’s a girl. And if it’s a boy ..well I’ll accept suggestions but I get final say. That sort of thing..

Talking of sex (the baby’s..not the kind that makes them), I’ve always wanted a girl. (Don’t all moms? Even if they don’t admit to it sometimes. Yes, I want the healthy happy baby..but I also want a girl)..But over the past few weeks I’ve tried to get myself used to the idea of what if it were a boy. It wouldn’t be half bad right..The parents might in fact like that, having brought up 2 girls themselves (although again, they wanted girls both times..) this might be a nice change..In fact, I feel I’ve taken the whatifitwereaboy so far as to not mind it at all. Except for the fact of a certain (in fact, the only) sagittarian man I know. Aspergers syndrome and ADHD and mega-chori(sorry, no translation) to top all that. The terror!


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