On showing and cravings and such..

So I’ve been religiously checking my bump (or lack of it) the past few weeks. I do have a definite one now, nothing that shows over a top and  nothing that can’t be confused with a paunch but I know it wasn’t there before.  And I can’t wait to start shopping in the maternity section, can’t wait to tell the whole world..in short. I realize how this is much like me, I’ve never been the kind to try hard to keep stuff private. (My own stuff, I’m good with other people’s secrets). Every single crush and affair and such has been fairly public domain knowledge. I mean, there was never any harm in telling, and my folks always knew what was going on.. So..

Anyway, given all that, I’m amused when people ‘assure’ me that I won’t start showing until the 5th month or so. Heck I want the bump dammit. Maybe I’ll feel differently at the end of it, and start bemoaning the loss of my size 0 figure. I can see that, given as I bought a pair of size 0 shorts just last week so I can tell my baby I had supermodel stats (well some supermodels are that skinny and flat-chested. And while at that, mine are growing faster than the tummy so there..) before he/she came along. But from my 100 pound starting weight (yup, we’re all angrez and talking in pounds now) any movement on the scale does look attractive.

I’ve been craving meat. Funny right, when the legends have stories of icecream outings at midnight? And the kind that I’ve been off for a few years, beef ularthiyathu and chicken cutlet etc..I blame it on the half-set of chromosomes growing inside. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I crave some whisky on the rocks one of these days..

On showing and cravings and such..

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