A list and updates

So what dyu know you guys are in some luck. I have decided that of the many things I should be doing (work, school assignments etc.) the blog most befits my esteemed attention most so here goes. Since a lot has happened since last time we’ll do a list. (Also making lists makes it looks like I’m working, to the curious wayfarers who can’t help peering at an intern’s computer. Hmph)

  • We went to Rio Grande one of these weekends, where they apparently serve the nation’s best Margaritas and they have a limit of 3 per-person and Vin determined as ever to prove his mallu lineage (he can be true blue proud mallu when we wants and diss everything from the land the next second) had to meet the limit and then come back home and had whiskey and ended up being very drunk. Like I’ve seen him be only 3 times in the past 7 years maybe..I hate him when he gets that drunk. I know I ought to be more patient, he is with me on the rare occasion that I’ve had enough to throw up but I like a man who can hold his liquor any day. Or stop when he should. (when I think he should). Anyway, we will let the matter rest.
  •  The Santa Fe trip happened, after we argued about where to do well into Saturday afternoon of the long weekend. And then finally packed and left not knowing where we’re headed. Forgot the camera etc..Was fun, although I think I’m done with long drives till I pop this one out. Or outgrow my nausea.
  • I joined a prenatal yoga class and am liking it. Yes, some of it is a tad amusing, the namasteys and ohm namohs from phoren tongues 🙂 But I’ve begun looking forward to meeting fellow pregnant people and being able to talk/vent/gush without fear of being judged. Yes, the focus is the exercise and that ain’t too bad, even with my super-inflexible body.
  • A reader of this blog (yes, among the very many thousands of them) send me this tee shirt. Something I’d been drooling at for a long time, something I’ve wanted to buy the fellow geeks (yeah, I know I’ve long since excused myself from that exalted company and the mummyhood prolly seals it but for the purpose of this point let us pretend I still belong) in my life, including him. Here’s a pic for evidence that it fits, despite his expectations to the contrary

Among other things, I see the blog is taking on a muddled note, not quite all-pregnancy any more. I don’t think I (or anyone) can compartmentalize so much so I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up merging this and the old one.

A list and updates

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