A dream and thoughts

Things are going slow in mommy-ville, as in real life. And hence no posts. The Vin says I already have the pregnancy gait, he also thinks I’m putting it on. Also, I’m showing, much to the world’s surprise and my secret delight. And unlike what Vin says, I know it isn’t bloating but the baby coz I can feel him/her take somersaults within. And also coz I saw the baby in my dreams. I did. It wasn’t as cute as I’d imagined it’d be (yes, we are all objective about it until the baby comes whereupon it will be the most beautiful brightest smartest thing ever to walk the planet). But I couldn’t place a finger on what it was, coz it was fair and chubby and all that, like they come in Johnson baby ads. And then I realized what I didn’t like. Slit eyes. Like teeny tiny ones that disappear when you laugh. Like the ones Vin and I have. Aargh. And then I dwelt on that thought some more the next morn and realized what I was seeing was basically my baby picture but in color instead of black and white. (The curious and clued-in reader, will, at this point wonder how I was ever the chubby baby. For evidence of that, I shall be posting said pic as soon as I can lay my hands on it. I even have tiny baby boobs in it). Anyway, the point is, dear baby, if growing bigger eyes is still possible for you, please is to get working on that. If you can inherit your chitta’s or ammumma’s I’d really like that. But in a pinch, I’ll settle for anything bigger than your parents’.

A dream and thoughts

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