For a selfish cause

We’ve taken to talking to the baby, as if it were really listening to it all from the tummy. No, none of the sweet talking-to-the-tummy or playing classical music to it. Yet. This is more by way of conversation like she were in the room. And mostly it is about taking sides in Vin’s and mine fights. (Have to start working their loyalties early, although clearly, I’m at an advantage for now. What with total and complete dependence)

Anyway I sometimes say ‘Achan is like that, ignore him. He is mean, he doesn’t love you’ and all that. And Vin’s biggest retort is ‘She made you for her own selfish cause’. Now, this, I’m trying to make sense of. Of course I made a baby (I didn’t quite do it alone, like Kunti in the puranas, but I insisted we make one) because I wanted one. No doubt. Isn’t that how it works all the time. How could I have loved it even beyond it existed. And after all I made the baby coz I could give it all my love. That makes it selfless right? In fact this is the most selfless thing I have *ever* done.  What do you guys think (if you can make any sense of all this)?

For a selfish cause

3 thoughts on “For a selfish cause

  1. Meera says:

    Love this scene from the movie and I’m not surprised it came from Jyosh. The practical vs spiritual tensions between them are brilliant.

    Have thought of your question often, especially since the elders portray women who don’t want to have kids as ‘selfish’. I do think the underlying driver for motherhood is selfish, but simply by being directed to another person, especially after it has a mind of its own and the time and sacrifices it require, I do think they are as close to selfless acts as there can be and because of that very fulfilling. one should always go for the fulfilling, shouldn’t we.
    I can’t completely disagree with Vin’s point. Haven’t made up my mind on that yet , I think.

    PS: The blog’s shaping up good. Will be very amusing for the kid to read later on. Keep at it.

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