The name is Vibha :p

Not that it is a suspense anymore to most people who read the blog. It shall be a girl, the baby I conceived and even named in my mind before in real. One that will be sweet and will play with dolls and one I can play dress up with (until she grows a mind of her own and is convinced of mommy’s poor taste). Although I do sometimes think I should raise her to be a tomboy just to spite a certain spouse who wanted a girl only coz they are ‘nicer and sweeter and quieter and all that’.

Now this can go both ways. She can be a mummy’s girl like my cousin P, one who’s in grad school and still can’t pick a dress without her mom’s consent or like the sis and I she might become a Daddy’s girl. Prolly the latter coz I should pay for my sins. Paavam amma. Can’t wait for her to get here.

And Vibha it is. Well, hopefully. Coz the Vin who in drunken stupor admitted he likes the name is now objecting to it on ground of it being a name with meaning. Or threatening to object. Thing is, he’s the only person I have given even a semblance of veto power (only coz I was sure back then that he wouldn’t care. How mistaken was I)

PS: This post is dedicated to a certain reader who thought I should have a ‘It is a girl post’

PPS: If you readers, (yes, the 5 of you and that isn’t even an exaggeration) don’t comment and mouth words of encouragement at every post I’m going to lose steam and shut down the blog.


The name is Vibha :p

4 thoughts on “The name is Vibha :p

  1. Lakshmi Santhosh says:

    I imagine she’ll be spunky, and very cool to hang out with.

    P.S. Instead of reader you should say 20% of the readership called for an “It’s a girl post!”

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