Who’ll bell the cat (catch the baby)..same same.

The latest question plaguing the expectant household (or its single actively expecting member) is who’ll catch the baby. Of the many side effects of attending prenatal yoga with Boulder’s (homebirthing, yogadoing, hennatattoo_on_tummy_getting – yesyes remind me to write about that) hippie moms is the opportunity to ingest important and exciting questions as these into my fertile mind.

Not to make light of it, I’d like it if Vin’s hands were the first to touch the baby. He however is reluctant to step up (down actually :P) to the responsibility, mostly for fear of dropping said gooey slippery baby. I’ve been trying to tell him the baby won’t come flying at him like a projectile, that the doctor’s hands would be pretty close (2nd slip) and nobody’s going to stand around and watch him drop the baby – to no avail. We’ve finally decided to refer matters to the only person Vin trusts in these matters ..my doctor. (who has a reputation for dispensing advice that is always to Vin’s advantage..like the time he said it is okay for me to lift anything so long as I don’t try to lift a couch or something Nagavalli style, which means everytime I hand off a grocery bag to Vin he hands it right back saying its not a couch).

Who’ll bell the cat (catch the baby)..same same.

2 thoughts on “Who’ll bell the cat (catch the baby)..same same.

  1. Lakshmi Santhosh says:

    It’s true couches aren’t grocery bags 🙂 On the other hand, you are carrying a baby. So you could say “Sorry, I’m already holding something”.

    Catching a baby would make me nervous. I hope you don’t plan on tossing the baby around 🙂

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