Gifts and Visitors

(From drafts..I wanted to put up pics with these but too lazy right now..)

It’s been a month of gifts and visitors (it continues to be. And since the first visitor set precedence by getting gifts the others have to follow suit so the stream of gifts shall also continue unabated).

First to arrive was pullissery, from the UK no less. And by royal mail.  From Munch.

Lakshmi was here and she brought, among other things (CDs for me and glasses for Vin), a dress for youknowwho. This was before she fell into a Rocky mountain lake, lost her senses and some skin and gained the bluest bruise.

And then, we went over to Thushara’s place and collected my gift hamper that had come all the way from India. So much stuff. Books by Malayalam writers (to feed or fan nostalgia, we’ll see) from achan/amma, kuzhambu and thailam – just what the doctor ordered for the clumsiest pregnant person on earth, thamaravalyam (lotus stem fries) and a whole wardrobe of dresses from the sister.

I don’t think anyone’s experience of the pregnancy can be as special as the sister’s. Even beats the spouse’s feeling sometimes. That’s one of my biggest losses this time around, not being in the same place as her. Maybe the next time..Which brings us to siblings and why I want more than one kid..But that is another post altogether.

Gifts and Visitors

One thought on “Gifts and Visitors

  1. Lakshmi Santhosh says:

    I was there when the pullissery arrived! By the way, you should totally play Teagan and Sara for the baby. She will grow up to be cool.

    I’m happy to report that my leg has completely healed. Not even a scab.

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