Sister act

When they (the parents) brought her home (I’m told) I ignored them and (pretended to) continue to read my (Kindergarten) textbook (ever the studious one, me). Obviously the 3 year old might have felt the first whiff of sibling rivalry or jealousy or whatever. We grew up inseparable – being dressed in dresses cut from the same cloth and in the same pattern, always each other’s best friend and worst enemy, as sisters are wont to be. She still tells tales of my sitting on her (which I say is of no consequence if our sizes were of present-day proportion) and I can come back at that with marks left by her nails from our  fights. (stop imagining cat-fights you all, we were still kids then..)

But then we also have tales, told by seniors who I’ve gotten back in touch on fb after decades of how the 2 sisters walking into the morning assembly – the elder one carrying the younger’s bag and bottle beside her own was a sight they’ve not forgotten (ah, melodrama. I did it as a matter of fact, she was a tiny thing then. My uncle caller her aatumkaattam :P) And of how she’d faithfully wait after school in front of her class for me to come along and take her to our bus (Bhavans had a fleet of a dozen identical-looking buses amidst which an aatumkaattam could easily get lost). And then one day I left her standing there – forgot all about her that is – and remembered she was missing only after the 45 min ride home and we had to go back – achan and I – and she was all tears but waiting in the same spot..(my memory fails me here, maybe someone found her and took her to the staffroom. But waiting in the same spot would be suitably dramatic a-la Karan Johar)

As we grew up we were the best pair of sisters ever, we were each other’s best confidantes,  seeing each other through boys and men and the heartbreaks. The roles have somewhat reversed (it was never an elder-younger sister thing really) with her looking out for me most of the time, feeling more angry/upset on my behalf when I go through my rough patches with life and people. On the flip side she is prolly only next to Vin in how much I hurt if I fight with either of them and until things are set right.

She has grown up to be quite the fine woman and she’s always had the many talents that I sorely lack (I got by taking pride in how good a singer/dancer/artist she was..) And she’s the whole family’s go-to person where fashion is concerned. I could go on but this post would end up looking like a testimonial or linkedin reco..

And then she goes ahead and finds the perfect aliyan for me (well I could say I sorta found him for her, but oh well, the rest was solely up to her..) In fact so perfect he makes me miss them both even more and I sometimes wish she’d married some arbit mandankunappan so I’d only have to miss her..

Anyway, this was supposed to be posted on her B’day and it was semi-formed in my head so thought I’d put it down now that I’m on a posting run.

Sister act

3 thoughts on “Sister act

  1. 🙂 love you…. (little bit of paribhavam cos you hid this frm me for so long).. but i wish there was this ‘like’ option like f/b for each sentence..or each paragraph! 🙂
    Btw, I am just too amazed by the coincidence (you knw wht m talking abt).. wel, m sure its not a coincidence.. considering the kind of connection we have, my soul mate.

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