Bedrest Chronicles

A sentiment-evoking post with deep reflections on bed-rest, on selfless love being put to test and the meaning of life in general is being cooked. Meanwhile, here’s a quick photo-post from the vantage point of the hospital bed.

Some quick notes though:

I’m touched by the amount of kindness and concern that has come our way the past 2 weeks, even from entirely unexpected quarters. For one, there hasn’t been a single night when I’ve had to order in hospital food for dinner (the only 2 things on there that I can eat are the veggie burger – which I don’t fancy even on a good day and the omlette – there’s only so much of egg you can eat), thanks largely to our benefactors – T & P in Denver and S in Boulder. In fact I’ve been thoroughly spoiled, it being onam season and every day getting dabbas laden with everything from payasam to pachadi. Food takes on enormous significance when you’re lying about in bed all the time – not that I wasn’t a sucker for good mallu food otherwise. The day is punctuated by mealtimes and passes mostly in waiting for the lunch hour to arrive once one is past breakfast. You gotto be on bed-rest to totally appreciate this (boy! how I’m going to milk that line.)

Food isn’t all the story though. People at the university have been so co-operative with taking care of the medical time-off. R, my Professor has been visiting us nearly every day, she’s been such a good friend through all this – driving nearly every other night after class to Denver with books and trashy magazines and pretty pillow covers to personalize the hospital room with, and gloves and of the days I was here I was complaining of my grubby stubby feet so sure enough the next night she comes laden with bright-red nail polish and does my nails..I have to try hard to remember not to cross the Professor-student line although I suspect we’ve lost sight of it now. She’s one in a ton, R is and I’m so so glad our paths crossed. What’s best Vin adores her as well and they already have an Indian food date lined up to go eat and bring me takeout.

Of course the only bright side, the only good to come out of all this is that someone just grew up and became dad over the course of a weekend.  (Sincere and honest readers of this blog know what a reluctant signatory he was to the babymaking deal) ..I do realize this would have transpired in due course – like one of you said he is not the sort of person who can not-love his own kid, maybe over the first few months of her birth, but right now we just fast-tracked through it. And how he has come on board, in fact it is him at the wheels now – lie down so my baby’s fine, eat that so my baby’s okay..mine not even ours some of the time.

Amma gets here tomo, about a month earlier than expected and we’ve been counting days and hours to that. God knows how I’ve missed her and longer for her care the last few months and now I shall have it in full measure. Poor amma though, coming straight to the hospital from the much for her first visit to the US of A..

Anyway without much ado, here be the promised pictures:

The nail job, I’ve always wondered how red would look on mine dusky skin and now I know and I think not so bad. Of course I can experiment all I want now, can paint it purple for all I care. When your feet are at the foreground of your world-view a little bit of red can help 🙂

Flowers to brighten up the room..

Books, trashy mags (I know all about fall fashion and what men are thinking in bed and make-up tricks and how to get a flat belly ..just ask. In fact, I’m thinking of starting a bedrest-agony-aunt-cum-makeup-guru column here soon..), mathrubhumi including last year’s onapathippu from T&P, the kindle and a note from a friend in the cohort

Said friend also sent some Burt’s bees goodness, which in a break from my pattern of stashing away I have decided to open and pamper myself with

More books and pretty woolen mittens from R and others at Atlas.

And finally, a view of my home – hopefully for the next few weeks (more weeks = more time inside for the baby = resultant healthy baby) – complete with the hard-won laptop-privilege (I had to make the doctors repeat it for Vin to hear before he let me), the pretty pillow, the water pitcher, current book (Enchantress of Florence) and the monitoring machines in the b/g

Bedrest Chronicles

5 thoughts on “Bedrest Chronicles

  1. Lakshmi Santhosh says:

    It’s good to see your room (or snaps of it)! It seems homely and the books, flowers, and nails are whimsical. Is the baby at the stage where she can hear music? I’d suggest maybe playing something from her roots. It could cheer you up too.

    1. I had started before this second episode happened..and then I had Vin bring over the kindle, have to go back to it..I quite liked it, it is kind of different. And I love that it is a dog and man story, among other things..

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