Bedrest Chronicles #2

– Thus the days drag on, with the stubborn patient and the bedrest mafia (the spouse and the mom – may their tribe increase. not.) slowly learning to negotiate their ways around each other – the former thinks the latter doesn’t understand the frustrations of being bedridden while the latter thinks the former is taking this all too easy. The big event around here was the wheelchair outing to the hospital garden.

– Everyone, including the spouse (not the mom though) is telling me 32 weeks is pretty good. From where I stand (or lie) (and what I read) nothing less than 37 is pretty good. I know I know, given this saga started at 27 I should be grateful for 32 but 32 still means 2 whole months in the nicu. Still means a baby who’ll be half the ideal birth weight. I still can’t bring myself to wish for anything less than 37 greedy or impractical as it may seem.

– I’ve been reading some more. Among others, I re-read totochan, which I especially enjoyed given the little toto I’m growing. That and more chick-lit and onam issues of all the Malayalam mags.

– Every time someone asked me what I was craving this pregnancy I’ve struggled hard to put my finger on a single cuisine or dish. What I really craved were tastes I grew up eating, and now that amma is here that is exactly what I’ve been eating. Every meal is such a delight. Vin and she went to Boulder yesterday and in a space of 4 hours she made – sambhar, aviyal, 2 kinds of upperi, kappa, fish curry, fish fry, idli and rice to last us 3 days. Makes up for everything I’ve missed the past 6 months.

– How do you all like the new template? Isn’t it awesome?

Bedrest Chronicles #2

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