In black and white

– Vin said in a moment of concern that he’d cut his hair if she makes it out healthy and fine. And corrected that the very next second to ‘trim’ from ‘cut’.

– The scary sagittarian specimen declared last week in one of our drunken chat sessions (me sober, him drunk enough for 2) that he’d be the Godfather if she came in a sagittarian month. (In the true sense, I want the sis and my monkey aliyan to be Godparents, like if something were to happen to us etc..If not them for some reason, the parents). But this was more in spirit and all he insists is that he’d have to approve the guy she married (hopefully it’d be a guy, and hopefully there’d be a marriage).

Just recording all this here lest people go back on their words later.

In black and white

2 thoughts on “In black and white

  1. Meera says:

    Lol Vimal’s comment!

    Hmm..That scary sagittarian specimen is Suraj eh.. Godfather.. athu veno! That is an offer you can refuse 😀

    More seriously, I am hoping at least thiswill get him to quit smoking!

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