Cousin P’s visit – From drafts

Was a revelation of what my life will look like in 20 years. When the daughter is living on phone/chat/skype all the time and the mother has no clue and is bugged and helpless. What makes it worse is I’m pretty sure I was the same or worse at her age. I’m having second thoughts about this whole girl thing now. There are advantages to being the only woman in the family, I’ve seen that with Vin’s mom. Maybe I’ll have a son next, just to make it all fair and square for everyone involved.

To be fair to paavam cousin P (to her parents actually) she is the quintessential well-brought-up kid.  With sensibilities and rights and wrongs and everything in the right place. (that just makes it scarier if anything).

Also, she did make me pretty decent aloo parathas for dinner once(my own failed experiment at it is chronicled here) and chole another day. And was excited about feeling the baby and seeing it move, unlike the husband. In the grand scheme of things it all evens out.

Cousin P’s visit – From drafts

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