Blogging has taken a backseat coz I’ve apparently become super-good at whiling away my time doing nothing. And now that I’m officially off bedrest (since last week – 35) there is a whole lot of nothing to go around. Hence the update-style post

– No resolution still on the name. Didn’t help that another friend who had a baby around now picked Vin’s favorite name (and the one I like most on his list). Not that that’ll stop us if both of us like it.

– We’ve had our first snow and it looks like the baby whenever it comes is coming into winter weather

– I had 2 surprise baby showers. And since I wasn’t involved in the planning of either, the surprise part was executed very well indeed and I had no clue until the lastest minute. Of course once I knew and once the cameras were out I insisted that I change out of my pajamas into something that’d look good on facebook :). Also got a couple of gifts. Pics below.

PS: Tell me does the thingy in my right hand remind you of a certain something or is it just fully pregnant, sex-deprived  (although, if you must know that is the last of the doc’s restrictions and it comes off this Friday – 36) me?

– Now that the mafia is letting down guard and doing it big time I feel majorly ignored and un-pampered if there were such a thing.


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