Ten days to go

  • I still feel way more excited than scared about what’s up. I guess you’d feel more scared the second time round, having been there done that. Right now I’m flaunting my high-pain-index-tolerant (based of course on reliable and in-the-same-league-as-labor experiences like waxing, threading and getting tattooed) and supremely confident self at everyone who asks if I’m scared.
  • I’ve been sleeping fine, eating fine, not waking up every other to pee. In fact I have none of the symptoms they warn you about. Touchwood. Either the preterm drama was all she had up her sleeve or (more likely) she is saving the rest for after she’s here. It’d be nice though if she made up for scaring us back then by being a nice easy teenager or something.
  • I’m not frustrated of the wait either – although the Dr thinks I will soon be. And that’s prolly coz we still have a lot of stuff on the checklist before we declare ourselves ready – granted one is never truly ready. Gotto assemble the crib, get a changing table, wash her stuff (Vin insists that anything that’s gonna touch her has to be pre-washed. So his poor daughter is fated to wear old-looking-new-stuff from the beginning). , get a decal for the nursery, assemble the car seat, get a big enough bed for the 3 of us to fit in without Vin being mortified of throwing a limb on her etc etc..
  • The other reason I want her to stay put for another week perhaps is so all the chicken-poxy marks I got from attempting to wax my face (never never ever do that, stick to bleach or whatever else or leave the peach-fuzz on) fades by the time my daughter meets me. Yes, way to go for being the not-vain mom and trying to raise the not-vain daughter. Good start!
  • The Dr suggested picking a date for induction of labor if I go past 40 (even 39 if I so wish) and while we don’t have a date yet it does give me the kicks that we’re even having the conversation. Who would have thought. I’d rather nature took its course though, we shall see.
  • What is with all the celebrity pregnancies suddenly. I say they’re taking the light away from us regular joe moms, Aiswarya Rai with her famous no-epidural not-too-posh-to-push labor story and Kate with her 1 million dollar push prize? A push prize for heaven’s sake! (Vin, take a hint).
Ten days to go

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