On princesses and fairies and all that’s nice.

I’m reading Cinderella Ate My Daughter. And while the fact that I picked it up says something of the kind of mother I hope to be, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m plenty guilty of giving in to the girlie-girl culture.

We’re trying though – Vin and I – to not be pink all the way. Picking neutral colors for her clothes and nursery where we can. It doesn’t help that pretty much everything that’s made for girls is pink these days (and who am I kidding, often prettier than the gender neutral greens and browns) and sometimes there’s really only blue and pink to pick from. I sometimes feel the whole gender and color branding is harder on boys though – remember the mom who painted her son’s toenails pink? I bet no mother was similarly stigmatized so much for her daughter turning a tomboy.

Then again, I’ve said myself right on this blog that I’d like her to have a positive body image and no doubt that would help if she weren’t you know..predisposed to being fat or skinny or whatever else she’s likely to be teased about in high school.

Finally, I guess I’m not saying much except to say I’m confused. It does help that the author is honest about her own conflicts of a similar kind, although I’m part hoping she leaves me with a magic solution that I can use to navigate this maze..

On princesses and fairies and all that’s nice.

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