Pumpkinary updates

I know. The discerning reader is now wondering if allforatadpole is turning a cooking blog. But he/she wonders in vain coz we at allthetadpole have no illusions about what holds the attention of you 3.5 readers. So here goes..

– She’s learning to drink from the bottle. Actually it wasn’t so much learning as why_havent_i_had_it_this_way_before (adivasi+colgate etc.. for those who follow malayalam). And while I’m glad for the added convenience it brings it would have helped my motherhood vanity if she’d lingered or fussed just a little bit. So much for all my ‘Maybe I shouldn’t be in the same room..Maybe you should hold her right’ etc to the Vin and she was done drinking before he even gave her the bottle. Oh well.

– She’s had 2 very important visitors in the last 2 months: the brother-in-law and the thadiyan 🙂 And while she might not remember much of it (except maybe from pics as she grows) those were the bestest weekends for me and the Vin. It was great just to see how fond each of them were of the pumpkin, even a little surprising sometimes. This is one lucky child for all the wonderful people she has in her life even before she’s started.

Pumpkinary updates

In which I brag about mediocre cooking skils

I’m trying to recover from pathetic performance in the kitchen during the BrotherinLaw’s visit by ..ehm…by cooking some more.. but we’ve had some successes of late:

Like baked mushrooms for instance, that vanished as soon as I brought them out of the oven:

Trust me they tasted way better than they looked

Or the pumpkin Biryani (much like the stone soup), which was quite the labor of love. Making Dum Biryani with a pumpkin hanging on to me in her carrier. Note how I resist the temptation to throw her into the fancy automatic dustbin despite it giving me cues, opening its mouth wide everytime I walked past with her.

Making pumpkin Biryani

And the tres leches cake, which really was the best cake I’ve ever baked. Like, people asking for the recipe and stuff (which btw is here:http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2009/09/tres-leches-cake/ in case you want to give it a shot..if you’re the kind that can turn a blind to calorie content of ingredients ie)

Tres Leches


In which I brag about mediocre cooking skils

Of asymmetrical eyes and holes in shoulders

We’re already our pediatrician’s nightmare, calling and turning up at the drop of a hat. The latest was coz we thought one of her eyes was smaller than the other. And of course google promptly threw up everything from common cold to cancer as diagnosis. I should have known better than to let the dad’s (yes, we’ve become that couple, the one that often refers to each other as dad and mom. How we have fallen indeed) hypochondria get to me but must have been one of those mellow mommy moments that made me book the appointment.

The doc immediately ruled out anything serious and then we got onto other fun stuff like her first set of vaccinations etc. And then mid-conversation he stops, looks at me and blurts out ‘She gets ’em from you’. ‘course she does. I had in fact mentioned it to Vin when we were talking of it that morn. Anyway, of all things the kid inherits my asymmetrical eyes (when there was much other awesomeness to pick from ie). Oh well. What she also gets is a hole in the back of the shoulder (pics for comparison to be posted soon) – this one so uniquely me (my side rather, the chitta has it as well) and that makes me happy beyond words. She is marked for life 🙂

Of asymmetrical eyes and holes in shoulders


Bonus exclusive pic for readers of the blog. Loyalty has benefits.

And thus it is that I can add ‘nonthu petta’ (hard to translate) to  the ‘pathu maasam chumanna’ line. Mia Vibha Vinod (thusly named after a debate that lasted even till the drive to the hospital) was born on the 18th of November 2011 at 2:18 PM. My labor was short and easy (so far as how labor goes) and I might as well gloat and say I didn’t take the epidural. Honestly I don’t think it was so much my being brave as just being plain lucky. All is well that ends in the well anyway.

She’s an easy baby so far   She’s good until we tell anyone she is and then she gives us a crazy day. The nights have been awesome though, we even get 4 hour stretches of sleep sometime which I’m told are pretty rare in the early days.

I’ve been on my feet since the first week as well, but with amma here there isn’t much for me to do. But she (amma) is leaving in 2 weeks and then I’ll know what it’s like to have a 1 month old and run the house at the same time. Much fun will be had. We leave for India in a month though and that’s very exciting but I’m already feeling bad about leaving back for Boulder in June.

And Vin Vin quite contrary, what an awesome dad he turned out to be. The best there ever was, really. The daughter really has him twirled around her finger as they say. And it isn’t just about playing with her, he wants to do every damn thing. All he’s missing is a pair of boobs and I might be rendered redundant.

Amma too can’t have enough of her, all the more so now that she’s leaving. And Mia’s spending many afternoons curled up in her lap – a habit I’m sure I’ll find hard to break once she leaves but then who’s to say anything about a grandma’s prerogative.

Me, I’m learning the ropes of the mother role and slowly growing into it. True story: When I saw the field ‘Parent’ on the hospital discharge form I almost went ‘but I’m an adult’ before realizing it was for me to sign as Mia’s mom 🙂 That’s how slow we are around here.

Old post from drafts, no energy to re-read or edit now. but putting it up anyway.