Bonus exclusive pic for readers of the blog. Loyalty has benefits.

And thus it is that I can add ‘nonthu petta’ (hard to translate) to  the ‘pathu maasam chumanna’ line. Mia Vibha Vinod (thusly named after a debate that lasted even till the drive to the hospital) was born on the 18th of November 2011 at 2:18 PM. My labor was short and easy (so far as how labor goes) and I might as well gloat and say I didn’t take the epidural. Honestly I don’t think it was so much my being brave as just being plain lucky. All is well that ends in the well anyway.

She’s an easy baby so far   She’s good until we tell anyone she is and then she gives us a crazy day. The nights have been awesome though, we even get 4 hour stretches of sleep sometime which I’m told are pretty rare in the early days.

I’ve been on my feet since the first week as well, but with amma here there isn’t much for me to do. But she (amma) is leaving in 2 weeks and then I’ll know what it’s like to have a 1 month old and run the house at the same time. Much fun will be had. We leave for India in a month though and that’s very exciting but I’m already feeling bad about leaving back for Boulder in June.

And Vin Vin quite contrary, what an awesome dad he turned out to be. The best there ever was, really. The daughter really has him twirled around her finger as they say. And it isn’t just about playing with her, he wants to do every damn thing. All he’s missing is a pair of boobs and I might be rendered redundant.

Amma too can’t have enough of her, all the more so now that she’s leaving. And Mia’s spending many afternoons curled up in her lap – a habit I’m sure I’ll find hard to break once she leaves but then who’s to say anything about a grandma’s prerogative.

Me, I’m learning the ropes of the mother role and slowly growing into it. True story: When I saw the field ‘Parent’ on the hospital discharge form I almost went ‘but I’m an adult’ before realizing it was for me to sign as Mia’s mom 🙂 That’s how slow we are around here.

Old post from drafts, no energy to re-read or edit now. but putting it up anyway.


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