Of asymmetrical eyes and holes in shoulders

We’re already our pediatrician’s nightmare, calling and turning up at the drop of a hat. The latest was coz we thought one of her eyes was smaller than the other. And of course google promptly threw up everything from common cold to cancer as diagnosis. I should have known better than to let the dad’s (yes, we’ve become that couple, the one that often refers to each other as dad and mom. How we have fallen indeed) hypochondria get to me but must have been one of those mellow mommy moments that made me book the appointment.

The doc immediately ruled out anything serious and then we got onto other fun stuff like her first set of vaccinations etc. And then mid-conversation he stops, looks at me and blurts out ‘She gets ’em from you’. ‘course she does. I had in fact mentioned it to Vin when we were talking of it that morn. Anyway, of all things the kid inherits my asymmetrical eyes (when there was much other awesomeness to pick from ie). Oh well. What she also gets is a hole in the back of the shoulder (pics for comparison to be posted soon) – this one so uniquely me (my side rather, the chitta has it as well) and that makes me happy beyond words. She is marked for life 🙂

Of asymmetrical eyes and holes in shoulders

3 thoughts on “Of asymmetrical eyes and holes in shoulders

  1. Lakshmi Santhosh says:

    It’s amazing how you can already tell that she’s a blend of your features. I see it in the pictures even. Honestly, babies normally look amorphous to me but Mia already looks like you guys.

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