Pumpkinary updates

I know. The discerning reader is now wondering if allforatadpole is turning a cooking blog. But he/she wonders in vain coz we at allthetadpole have no illusions about what holds the attention of you 3.5 readers. So here goes..

– She’s learning to drink from the bottle. Actually it wasn’t so much learning as why_havent_i_had_it_this_way_before (adivasi+colgate etc.. for those who follow malayalam). And while I’m glad for the added convenience it brings it would have helped my motherhood vanity if she’d lingered or fussed just a little bit. So much for all my ‘Maybe I shouldn’t be in the same room..Maybe you should hold her right’ etc to the Vin and she was done drinking before he even gave her the bottle. Oh well.

– She’s had 2 very important visitors in the last 2 months: the brother-in-law and the thadiyan 🙂 And while she might not remember much of it (except maybe from pics as she grows) those were the bestest weekends for me and the Vin. It was great just to see how fond each of them were of the pumpkin, even a little surprising sometimes. This is one lucky child for all the wonderful people she has in her life even before she’s started.

Pumpkinary updates

2 thoughts on “Pumpkinary updates

  1. Lakshmi Santhosh says:

    I expected some “Mia in India” blog posts! I hope there will be a summary once you return 🙂

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