Between then and now

I’m thoughtlessly hitting publish on everything I had in drafts and going to pick up from now on.

A lot has happened since.

Igi turned one and then two.

Her chitta and chittappa moved from all the way from India to the US of A, I’d argue as much to be with Igi as anything else career/life types. That was also about the time I started counting my blessings (many many thank God) and stopped asking for more 🙂

Chitta started  a Masters at Berkeley no less, I put a congratulatory post on her wall that had people thinking she was pregnant. Oh well.

Chittappa is accumulating superstar awards and all star performances at Qualcomm. Pinkpanther Qualcomm no big difference. All the same. Except he cooks as well now. Since she is away. And asks for amma to bring kudapuli from India like he’d know what it is.

Igi’s Achachan and Achamma were here and had a fantastic time.

Igi’s Muthassa was here as well and was decently fed and taken care of because his visit coincided with the Achacha/Achamma pairs’.

And her ammumma is back. Just so we don’t lose count the third time in the US.

Okay, so now that the audience is all brought up to date we can resume normal programming over here. And pick up where we left  off. 2 years back was it?

Between then and now

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