Igi and Muthassa

I’m writing this a good year and a half after Muthassan’s trip transpired. In fact so late that he has come and gone again. I’m glad his first visit was when I was still not working, which meant a lot of time for Amma, Muthassan and Igi to lounge around at home. I do wish I was more mobile and with the world and the parenting thing than I was back then though.

We had a wonderful wonderful trip to the east coast. Igi Muthassan Acha and I. Again, good thing it happened back then coz now leave and all that..God knows when we’ll be able to do that sort of thing again. Achan (mine not Igi’s this time) always wanted to go to Niagara falls, having read about the world’s largest (largest longest widest whatever, some est) waterfall in school. And going by the number of desis that descended on the falls the weekend we went, a lot of fellow Indians went to the same school. So one thing off his bucket list anyway. We did the usual patel-shot round of New York, complete with the statue of liberty (Meh as per Achan, and also “Liberty ivarkku mathram mathiyo? Vietnaminum Aghanistaninum Iranum vende?” or some remark like that) – still nice to be able to go there see it and then remark thus rather than from afar I guess. Achan was fascinated by NY and the skyscrapers and lights. So would anyone on their first trip ..

Most of all, he enjoyed his time with Igi and his forced vacation from his time running between KSSP and the library council and all sorts of citizen group meetings in Thrissur. He’d take her out in the stroller in the morning, sing her to sleep with a choice selection of mallu melodies (I’m sure Igi has “innale neeyoru” and “kalpanthakalatholam” and songs from chemmeen indelibly written in her subconscience)..Achan was pretty good at the making her sleep thing though so I must say his singing voice worked for the Igg – his one person then-6-month-old fanclub. He also had monopoly on feeding Igi and would get impatient if I didnt have stuff ready by Igi’s mealtime. If Igi’s appetite is anything to go by (yesterday she came home from daycare with a report that said she had 3 servings of lunch, I think the teacher was politely trying to say please  dont starve her at home. Yes, I do have the report nicely photographed and preserved to show at her graduation if she does graduate) that was a pretty auspicious start 🙂

All said, I know Achan would enjoy Igi at this age a lot more than he did back then (sorry to break it to you Igg, you’re better and cuter and more fun as you age, kind of like wine, I guess there is a good side to that). Which is also why I’m a little sad Achan’s next visit coincided with that of her paternal grandparents (who will soon, in chronological order of visits be featured on this blog) and at a time when there were one grandparent too many vying for Igu’s attention. (Not that it wasnt a happy time or anything and not that Achan so much as even mentioned or complained, but you know how grandparents more so than parents are inherently selfish creatures) Oh well, he will make his yearly pilgrimage soon and he can suit himself taking care of Igg full time and exclusive 😀

Igi and Muthassa

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