A weekend of many parties..

On Saturday, little Nina was given her official name – Nikitha. Her mom (very ably assisted by a few aunts and uncles) made chicken biryani and mutton stew and appams (Also special veg biryani and veg stew for all of 1 among the 30 who were gathered, lest Nina grows up and finds outs her first party wasn’t gluten/vegan friendly). Post-event we promptly put the ton of mint left over from biryani to good use in mojitos and lemonade – served up mallu-style with pickle (again, the Indian kind, not dill) and “mixture”. All very nice.

On Sunday, I had to be at two parties, it is all soo hard I must say. All this good food and good company and then having to miss the cake cutting at both places because I was rushing between. The baby shower for S was a nice beautiful gathering. I”m proud of having convinced 20 reluctant adults to play baby words taboo (with considerable help from some of their kids). What I will remember most from the shower is that even NK had tears (of joy/being touched, of course) in eyes when we played messages from parents. Thankfully that was all the drama there was and the rest of the event has all fun.

And then Fa and R (with a lot of support from P and M and some of us to much lesser extent) pulled off a 1st birthday party that I’m sure was the best and most beautiful that most folks who attended had ever been to. Talent + effort is really something isn’t it? Everything from the cupcake wrappers and toppers and banner and the bunch of balloons picture that was used as guest list and all sorts of decor designed and made in house. Of course Mia came off wanting the exact same party and exact everything so now we have this really tall order to match!

A weekend of many parties..

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