As much as the white mountain..

Driving to work/daycare, Igi and I often play the ‘How much do I love you’ game. She is at her sweetest best these drives observing and commenting on the cows and horses on the way and wanting to ride them horses and in fall, be the driver of the pumpkin truck etc. So we slip into the How much do I love you pretty easily. The metrics for comparison are usually mountains (because, Colorado) and she usually loves me as much as the blue mountains (which are closer and smaller) and I love her as much as the white (far away, taller). She played the same game with Vin recently and he thought to question why she only liked her as much as the small one while his love was as much as the big one and she came back with ‘Because I’m a small girl and you’re a big acha’

We were watching Monsters Inc with Igi last night and I was the one getting upset every time the girl would get lost or get in danger. Igi was right there watching bravely (yes, I know, Monsters Inc, still!) and going ‘It’s okay amma, the monster’s going to find her, Mia’s here watching you!’. I don’t know if she is wise/stupid, this kid.

We had a rough 2 days, this weekend, marriage-wise. I’m putting this out here so I’m reminded, next time we go there, that we are on the same side, not competing, and to check myself every time I do/say (more often say than do) something spiteful.

As much as the white mountain..

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