You, at 3.

You’re 3. Phew. 3 years since we held the crinkly little thing that had threatened to arrive many months earlier but we’d managed to somehow keep within. With magic and spells and some help perhaps from modern medicine.

What a beautiful 3 years it has been. Ive wondered at every stage – after say you turned 18 months – that this is the perfect most wonderful age and come next month you’re going to become less of my baby and more of the adult you threaten to become. I’m happy to say my fears have been misplaced so far. So we get ourselves another year of cuddles and sloppy kisses and wrong grammar, thank God.

Anyway, on 3.

Let’s get the details out of the way first. You’re about 32 pounds, I know this because you are fond of climbing on the bathroom scale and announcing your weight to the world at large. And your face is still all chubby baby, although your limbs and body are of a growing toddler. I love that. It means no matter how serious and miffed you are being with us, your face is hard to take seriously. It is a baby play acting.

You have such long beautiful hair. Straight to start and curled at the ends. Most days it looks like a hair dresser set it while you were sleeping! Oh to have perfect morning hair. You dont realize how much it is admired and envied. If only genes and stuff worked the other way around and I could get that hair!

You continue to be the good eater, the kid that every mom wishes she had. The thing is since we have pretty much never had to feed you or convince you to eat, that’s a skill we sorely lack. So if you decide you don’t want to eat you end up going hungry (unless some major mummy guilt kicks in).

This time round you had a birdie themed party. You’d asked for a monkey but I was able to convince you a bird might be prettier. Somehow monkey seems so first year. You’re not that much of a baby although for most part Id like you to stay that way. With a looot of help from the very able Fasmin we were able to pull if off. I hope you liked it. The highlight of course was that Chitta and Chittappa were here. In fact there’s only one birthday party (of 3, yes) that they’ve missed so far. There was a birdie cake and birdie topped cupcakes and a matching banner and punched out birdies in green and pink hanging from the ceiling. It was the biggest party we’ve ever had so I wisely decided to order in rather than cook a full meal like I did last year. 17 kids and 35 adults. Sometimes I wonder if it was all a bit too much for you. You looked a little overwhelmed sometimes. Next year we’ll keep it small and simple and see how you like that.

I could make an attempt at beginning to tell you what you are to us, your Acha and Amma but I’d fail miserably. You really are everything and we don’t know what we were doing for the first 6 years of our marriage without you around. I’d of course love to have another of your kind but I’m that cause is getting little love (literally) from you or Acha so we will let it slide. For another year. At least when you read this many years from now you’ll realize it was Acha (and your 3 year old self) and not me.

You have a loud voice, and no surprises which side of the family you get that from. In fact you were the lone hope at your class’s christmas program – that was before you decided you were bored and stood around grinning instead of singing – much to your dad’s chagrin.

You like reading, in fact you want us to read to you all the time. These days you’ve been bringing me some malayalam books that Muthassa brought you so who knows you might end up learning the language. You love Calilou, you arent all that abreast of kids movies / cartoons. I dont think that’s a gap that needs to be fixed in a hurry. In fact even Frozen, we ended up showing you pretty late into the craze lest you feel left out of those conversations. This isnt to say you dont love TV. Oh you do like every kid your age you could just glue yourselves to the couch and watch tv to no end. Just that we’re still holding out even if barely on that war. We do succumb and give you the phone though every now and then, so that possibly offsets any benefit from no-tv-time rules..

You love your bath and look melt-my-heart adorable when you walk out all wrapped in the towel. You make a show of this every night, knowing fully well how cute it is.

You love daycare and we like sending you as well.

There are just  a handful of important people in your life. You could count them on hands of two fingers. But they make you feel soo soo special, not just chitta chittappa and grandparents but the few (adult) “friends” that you have. It is just delightful watching you interact with the adult world. I’d have said aunts and uncles but your treat them kind of like your people and they treat you thus as well so lets say friends for now..

You are also at that age when you and I can enjoy some mommie daughter camaraderie. You’ve accompanied me to some shopping trips and even been so useful as to dispense fashion advice to your mom. I’ll look forward to more of that in the coming years (equal part hope and dread). We can also stop at a coffee shop and sit across each other enjoy a tea cake and have a conversation. How’s that for 3 year old? I cant wait to do more of all that with you.

You enjoy workshop time with Acha too and feel very important being his little helper. You can tell a screw driver from a wrench from a drill and can fetch these sometimes across floors.

Somebody said at 3 you can start seeing what you are turning out to be. If that is true, I couldn’t be happier with the thoughtful and wise 3 year old that you are. Stay blessed my little attuputtu. You are the most joyful thing ever.

You, at 3.