Obligatory new year post

It is the in thing to not make resolutions, I know. But so many parts of my life are currently broken and need fixing that I’m making (and breaking) resolutions every day, not just new year. It wouldn’t be half a bad idea to chronicle those here, much like on the (green colored) black board at home. It shouldn’t be a surprise either that a lot of these are to do with Mia and parenting and spring from mummy guilt. Not because that is all my life, quite the opposite, I’ve been too happy and proud in my easy-going parent guise that these days it easily translates to lazy parent too. So, without much ado, here are some things I’ve been thinking of, some things I want to do etc..

Vague amorphous ones:

Find a good montessori school for Mia and move her there

Spend less time cooking elaborate meals in the kitchen and more with Mia

Wake up at a decent time, before the whole world is out and about (if only I could fix this, that’d fix everything else)

Turn off the phone. Look away. The world won’t end if I don’t check fb or whatsapp every minute.

I almost cringe from putting this here. So! cliched yet true. Get moving, at least make a measly start this year.

Read more (this is prolly the only item on the list where I’ve fared better than average). I did read an average of 2-3 books per month last year. Start reading the New Yorkers instead of keeping the subscription on for fear that canceling it would be equal to completely giving up on yourself.

Switch off the TV too. Less travel cookery shows more reading (this is going to be hard, coz I can almost justify that noise in the background to myself, always harder when you have ernest justifications in your head)

Real actionable ones:

Learn to parallel park. Isn’t it nice to throw in a nice actionable resolution amidst all the vague stuff? Not that the skill might be a ton of use in Boulder. Check back with me on Dec 31st.

Learn to wield a hammer/nail/screwdriver whatever it takes to attach photographs and arts etc to walls. Go crazy putting everything up without Vin’s help.

Obligatory new year post

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