As far as birthdays and parties go, despite the fact that  just finished my 33rd, I’ve been very fortunate. Some would attribute it to having an A team – composed of Chakki and then Vin too in the later years – who keeps upping the game every year. There must be something about Leos and celebrations and larger than life surprises. I cant remember a birthday in the past decade on which I haven’t cut a cake or had a party. To the point that come the eve of March 17th I’ve learnt to look nice and presentable, maybe even brush my hair even if we’re lounging around in jammies.

This time was even better, thanks to my girlfriends who did a cake and surprise and gift etc a whole week earlier, catching even surprise-savvy me off my guard. And then on the eve itself, Vin made me eggplant steak with a feta and tomato salad for dinner. (And then I made real dinner, you know mallu fish curry and rice – for him). S send me a lovely card – I’ve almost started taking her thoughtfulness for granted these days. But really who sends cards and notes in these days of fb? I got a whole series of gifts from T through the b’day week!

On the 17th – after having me believe all day that we’re not going out, to the point that I was slightly miffed by the end of day, what with everyone asking me what my plans are – Vin comes home having dropped Mia off already at F & Rs place and with a reservation at Leaf, a vegetarian restaurant in Boulder that I’d had my eye on for a long time.

I prolly sound so vain now, counting off my surprise events and gifts (which while we’re at it, has to include the handbag that chakki sent too). The reason I wanted to quickly put this down is to capture how overwhelmed and grateful I felt by the end of day. Yes, some of these are shallow pleasures – food, clothes all that, but I’m fortunate to have so many people who even at 30Fing3 celebrate and make me feel special. Isnt that something? Many things actually?


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