I wish I could say Achan’s visit was all I wanted it to be. That I was able to spend a lot of time with him and have long conversations about everything under the sun. Truth is, with Igi and work and the business of life in general those are lofty aims. For me it was joy just to have him here. To wake up and go to bed knowing Achan is right here under the same roof. And of course Igi and Muthassan bonded so beautifully. This was prolly the first time she really missed a grandparent after he/she left. Most days he’s the one who put her to bed – telling her stories – perunthachan, hiranyakashipu and even Gandhiji and Washington – and singing her old malayalam songs – to the extent she’d learned some of them by the time he left. They’d also go to the park together, do puzzles together, play mom and dad (very amusing this). I realized Achan was better than me at drawing (isn’t saying much I agree) when I saw the doodles he’d make for her. They were mostly in their own blissfulm muthassan-Igi world but I felt soo soo fortunate just to watch from sidelines.

I’d always wanted Achan to be the one doing her vidyarambham and we managed to squeeze that in on the day she started new school (which in itself deserves another post).


The weekend after Achan arrived was our Vishu potluck. I think Achan had a good time, although he was somewhat jet-lagged. Being the resident karanavar he also did the kaineetam honors. By the time he left he’d ┬ámet and hung out with our friend circle a few times (Vin and I also managed to score some great meals coz everyone was having him over) and gotten to know everyone so well.


We did a short trip to Buena Vista and a bigger one with Chakki and Alexy to New Orleans. He also visited Grand Canyon with Chakki and Alexy.



So yes, it was busy and packed. In fact our weekends were so busy it was his last weekend in town that we actually hit Boulder.

I guess it is never perfect and never how I plan and want it to be. But Im incredibly fortunate and grateful that our parents are able to do this. I can’t wait for him to come back, I’m sure Igi cant either.