10 (but I had you at ‘6th floor alright’)

I thought I should write about Igi turning 4. But I got here and realized I’d been remiss in recording another milestone. All things kid does tend to override all things couple so this is me making a feeble attempt at putting us first, for a change. Also, chronologically we did turn 10 years old (if you count from day of marriage) before she turned 4.

Also, another disclaimer. I cringe from spouse-praise especially when dispensed in public. However this being my private space and because the man despite his faults (many) has a few things going in his favor there might be elements in this post that are mildly praise like. Just saying..

So we did meet each other when we didn’t have a clue. Both of us fresh off of break-ups, if there were any sparks in the air I’m sure they said Reeebooound in red glowing letters. At 23/24 year old I wouldn’t trust me again, with such a big decision – despite one year of data. Heck, I barely knew what I wanted to eat the next meal, forget who I wanted to spend my life with! But just as I’ve somehow ambled along making decisions that in hindsight turn out alright, this was as well. I’ve said this before, with 10 years of data now I’ll say it again. I’d do it in a heartbeat, chose him.

Now – to appreciate the choice – you need to step back and examine the specimen itself. (See I warned you of impending praise :P) Totally not my type is how I filed him away once I’d been aware of Vin’s attention. Borderline arrogant (some people might call it confidence), and at least first glance out and out Bangalore boy (hence didn’t fit my has_to_be_mallu_pop_culture_cognizant bill). But scratch the surface (took a good long while to do that) and emerges this boy (now man) so tender so sensitive and most importantly soo bloody honest. I already feel like I’ve said too much, like I’ve laid out this very private part of us for consumption and let everyone in on Vin’s little secret so I should desist.

The years they went fast. We were pretty used to each other but living with the family (almost 3 years, pat on the back for everyone, won’t be doing it anymore in interest of all round sanity) was a learning curve. Another 3 of almost playing house, of the first owned apartment and setting it up..of many weekends spent playing poker and cluedo and of going to bed after it was already daylight. And then the reluctant (for me) move across the seas. And then the Igi years…

The relationship does change, doesn’t it, over the years..the passion has given way to a familiar comfort, where love and disagreement both are concerned. It could be interpreted as mundane but no way I’ll exchange that for the initial years..Vin is my safe place and no other person no other relationship in the world can give you that. I wanted to write this on a day when I wasn’t feeling entirely charitable to him (you’d think I have more of those, which I do, I just dont get to the blog in time)..so everything is objective as can be. And I’ll say this again here’s to a lifetime.

Despite :).

10 (but I had you at ‘6th floor alright’)

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