My baby boo. My puttukutti and Idli. Mangosteen of my eye ūüôā

I realize now that until he’d come into our lives, I had no clue of the bond between Chakki and¬†Mia. I have of course professed eloquent here and elsewhere that¬†I’ve felt so fortunate for the Chitta and Chittappan presence in Mia’s life..But some things you have to live to really understand. That you can miss someone (with a¬†tug at your heart) even before ever meeting¬†him and that you can tear up just talking about him..That such love is even possible..all new to me.

I’ve also gotten a hint of how much fun this valiyamma¬†role could be when compared to parenting – none of the¬†responsibility but the same sense of pride in and love for¬†this littlest thing.