Igi Isms

Noting down a few for fear that I’ll forget otherwise..

The other day, on our drive back from school (a lot of these happen in the car for whatever reason), I was trying to explain the concept of infinity to her. I was saying you could count and count and never get to infinity. So she was like ..what if I count for a year 5 years etc .. what if you count.. and I said yeah even if I count and you count we will never get to it..She then goes..what if Barrack Obama counts..Such is her faith in the president. You can hence also imagine her disappointment when she woke up to Trump when we were both excited about a ‘girl’ becoming president for the first time.

Some of these are from a year back..I’d explained evolution to her some day, in as much as we were descended from monkeys. Some days later, when we were in the car, she goes ‘amma, when Muthassa was a monkey, could he driver the bike on one wheel like George does’ 🙂

On marriage, she has wavered. First she’d asked what marriage was and I said it is about finding someone you like and someone who is your favorite person and spending your life with them. In thus explaining, I was careful not to use gender and trying to give her a broader picture..So she says I’ll marry Anoushka, Anoushka is my favorite. Since then she has gone through the I want to marry amma please phase and has now arrived at I don’t ever want to get married, or go to Uni or leave Acha and Amma ever again. Funnily, we haven’t had the Electra phase yet despite her absolute adoration of her father.


Igi Isms

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